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Artist Statement & Biography

Manny 1

I am Manny Padernos.

I draw. I sketch. I paint life. I cut the form.

I set the fire to keep my soul burning, painting, knowing.

I am re-creating myself, the creator, on a blank support. I am searching for something more than the physical flatness, stillness and attributes of a two dimensional artwork. My work is changing form. It is loaded with content yet visually very quiet. I am on a metamorphosis.  Where will it lead me, I am yet to discover.

The process to spin, to create, to search, to live, is the beginning. My art pieces are molded by methods in the moment of creation. Humble, domestic and ordinary materials are transformed into delicate shapes and visual languages. Hailing from Southeast Asia, where culture is disctinctly diverse, I share these visions.

Mine is a life that lives in the process.

And to make is my ultimate desire.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from The University of the Philippines and worked as a designer in Singapore for over 15 years. I first picked up the paint brush in 2013 at Studio Miu under the guidance of Japanese artist Yunko Tsuji and has studied oil painting with Singaporean artist Wee Shoo Leong. I attained a distinction for Western Abstract Painting from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Malaysian artist Raymond Yap.

I am currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts at The New York Studio School. I am exploring drawing, painting and art installation under the guidance of Graham Nickson, Margrit Lewczuk and John Newman.

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